Agreed that software development is never to be an overtly complicated process; nonetheless, if we downplay the importance of carrying out meticulous and result-oriented testing, it could prove detrimental to the essence of developing a software or a new application. After all, any software or application is as good as the reviews, ratings, and above all, experience, expressed by the users. Even the slightest error, bug, or malfunction could change the mind of any user and provide him ample reasons to discourage developers with negative remarks.

Companies, before they actually launch specific application on the market, ensure to utilize different software testing techniques, wherein automated software testing reigns supreme for obvious reasons. As proper testing of application prior to its formal launch is vital, companies do understand the importance and advantages of quality testing within the automation testing framework.

Among several advantages of conducting automated software testing, the ease to perform tests repeatedly makes a testing professional’s day. Instead of carrying out a series of tests manually, professionals prefer utilizing software testing tools that follow several preset testing parameters religiously and hence, minimize the chances of forgetting any of those parameters.

Next, rather than writing test scripts manually, it always makes better sense for testers to write the automated test scripts once and then, allow the software to follow the preset parameters. Hence, instead of checking different modules and waiting for the project to take its due course for completion, a nicely designed and developed automation testing framework speeds up the entire process. This helps testing professionals save their precious time, which they can utilize better in other projects.

Well, it is no rocket science to deduce that carefully written test script and meticulously determined parameters can work miracles to make software testing more reliable than doing it with human intervention, that never promises 100 percent error-free execution of the project. Automated software testing can touch a range of verticals to provide a sort of seamless and perfectly reliable process that covers all essential features and functionality of the application. Software testing professionals further need to ascertain that compatibility of applications or software with major operating systems, devices, and web browsers, the level of reliability, efficiency, and performance of such tests grow manifold with automated software testing.

Other obvious benefits and advantages of automated software testing include reusability of the automation testing framework across different software, aside from carrying out quick testing of applications. Thus, to conclude, automated software testing is any day better than those manual modes of software testing.

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