Performance Benchmarking of application refers to testing performed against your application in order to determine current performance and improve it. Benchmark testing is a normal part of the application development life cycle and is a team effort that involves both application developers and database administrators (DBAs)

The objective of performance benchmark is to know the current performance of the system and to eliminate performance bottleneck prevalent in application & infrastructure component by identifying and tuning them. This might involve conducting performance tests iteratively on the application against representative production load and anticipated data volume as expected in production. Benchmarking of an application can be performed before deploying the product in the production environment or after the deployment

The goals of benchmark testing typically fall into two categories:
  • To test the system to measure how a change affects its performance characteristics.
  • To test and tune the system to reach a performance requirement or service level agreement (SLA). In this case a series of benchmark tests are conducted in conjunction with Iterative cycles of performance tuning.

Crestech’s Benchmark testing services

We offer fixed price services that includes testing services to building test strategies, test frameworks, test scripts, test executions and production of measurable test reports.

Our Methodology

We follow a classical five step methodology to arrive at the application benchmark

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