We have seen that what all benefits have this process implementation bought in the CresTech that has helped us in strengthening our core delivery areas and thus increasing the spectrum of our growth. But the end objective of our organization is the client satisfaction and if this is not achieved then everything else is a waste. The good thing is this process implementation has also helped us in generating benefits that are directly linked to the customers and a few of them are as mentioned below:

  • As the brand itself speaks, getting associated with a CMMI Level 3 appraised organization raises a level of satisfaction within the clients that their work will be in a safe hands and in the hands of an organization which is totally driven by the processes instead of the chances.
  • Our QMS consists of a large number of reusable and pre-defined templates which minimizes the repetitive work of planning and management, thus helping us to focus more on our core deliverables and commitments to the clients.
  • Since our estimation is now based more on the historic data, thus our predictions are more accurate now which helps in minimizing the rework and delivering within the defined timelines.
  • We maintain a huge risk database with proper mitigation & contingency plans. Thus, whenever a client comes to us with a new project we can go back to this database and provide a list of known similar risks to the client so that both the parties can be well prepared in advance with corresponding action plans.
  • We are now confident enough to say that if there comes a customer requirement, then our infrastructure is capable enough to provide services (subjected to limitations) even during a disaster.
  • Cost vs Benefits: Both the theoretical model and industry data suggest that CMMI compliant projects achieve a cost reduction of 10% per level i.e. a CMMI Level 3 compliant organization is 20% cheaper than a non-compliant organization and key to this is reducing the rework.
  • We maintain an Organizational Process Assets Library which consists of a huge repository of the artifacts of the projects which were closed in the past thus helping us in predicting the challenges that could come in the project based on the historic data and also helping us in implementing best practices that were used in the previous projects.

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