CresTech is a synonym for Software Testing Services, with over 250 member strong team, fortune 500 companies as it customers, presence in 3 countries and 5 provisional patents under the belt.

During our early days of employment with MNCs like, Adobe & Oracle, we had a thought (like most of the software engineers have) to start something of our own. Didn’t know where to start, what to do and what to achieve, the only thing in mind was to start something. And if you believe me, if this fire of starting something is strong enough for you to leave the job, you are all set to start an entrepreneurial journey.

Next thing was to decide what to sell, whom to sell and what is in the solution/product for the buyer. We relied on our strengths and started pitching software testing which itself was a concept to most of the companies. They were really not sure why would they go for testing something which was built by a good engineering team. The focus and direction of our work got clear with every passing month/year. We tried things , we continued with the ones where we succeed, we learnt from the ones where we failed. The consistent thing was the passion to keep on moving and learning.

Innovation is at the core of our consistent growth and providing additional value to the customer. Since day one, be it a profit or loss, Innovation was the only area which never got a cost cut. After many trials and errors and keeping sustained focus on customer feedback, the company holds 5 provisional patents and the list is still growing. Employees are given right platform to think and are being supported in nurturing their ideas. Certain ideas do not see the light of the day but in this endeavor some definitely pass through the real tests of the customers and are monetized.

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