Most organizations implementing CRM solutions agree that successes and failures of complicated CRM initiatives depend a lot on quality of testing during a project. Comprehensive testing, conducted by a professional and independent body, is a critical component in the success of your CRM project.

High quality of your CRM solution is a no-compromise situation because
  • An incorrect feature in your CRM application can have direct impact on your customer perception and hence your organization’s revenue
  • CRM application access lot of sensitive data pertaining to your organizations. Correct and secure retrieval of this data is imperative for your organization’s success.
  • CRM implementation involves lot of software modifications and customizations, and numerous interfaces with other operational systems. One malfunction will result in cross-corporate damage.
  • Your customer\Sales team might typically access the data across variety of platforms (like mobiles, desktops) and across variety of connections (internet, dialup, wireless). Correct rendering of information on all these configurations is a must for success

We at Crestech have extensive experience of testing CRM implementations across verticals like insurance, travel and manufacturing domain. Our unique and highly effective methodology based on years of real world experience in complicated CRM testing projects ensures consistent and rigorous testing throughout the implementation life cycle. It’s a comprehensive formula that lets you minimize risks while giving you high quality software and a greatly reduced implementation time

Our testing competency for CRM solutions include

Our Services in CRM domain Functional Competency in CRM Solution competency
Functional Tests
Data Conversion Tests
Performance Testing
Security Testing
Automated Regression Testing
Sales force Automation
Lead Management Systems
Customer Support Management
Business Analytics Solution
Siebel CRM
Pivotal (CDC)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Customized CRM solutions

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