Over the past few years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have become need of hour for both large and medium size organizations. To ensure that proposed ERP solution serves the desired need of customer, it’s critical to conduct an independent testing during the implementation process. Moreover, all ERP implementation require continuous upgrades to meet the business changes. This further emphasizes the importance of testing and re-testing systems.

We recognize the unique challenges in ERP testing and work as your strategically to bring in predictability and reliability to the projects. We offer specialized services that leverage our test labs for performance testing, security, SOA and usability testing. This in turn helps in the effective utilization of ERP solutions.

Our Methodology: B-FLET (Business Process based Full Life cycle exhaustive testing)

We integrate our enterprise testing approach FLET with implementation methodology for testing of ERP environments. Our business process approach of testing ensures that testing meets the end user objectives.

Our methodology is based on following key principals

  • Alignment with ERP implementation methodology
  • Early involvement
  • Business process approach to testing
  • Risk based prioritization
  • Automation of effort to create reusability
  • Clients domain understanding
  • Adaptive for both new solution implementation and upgrades

Approach and Phases



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