More than 2.5 billion people in the world today use smartphones and other mobile devices. The “smart” interactions conducted through these devices are greatly fueled by mobile applications. A strong mobile app development strategy is the base to building successful enterprise as well as customer-facing mobile applications. Mobile application testing is the tedious part of this process that aims to satisfy the high demands of mobile users.

Read on to find out what practices are adopted by software testing companies in India in order to achieve a smooth testing process for mobile applications.

Segregate devices into different groups based on customer preference

Once the target customer and their requirements have been analyzed thoroughly, the different models of mobile devices may be segregated into 3-4 groups based on the usage rate of customers. By doing so, testers can focus better on high priority groups and also understand how a new feature or functionality will be perceived by these groups. This practice cuts down on the testing efforts by channeling filtered efforts to the specific groups only.

Test mobile applications under the influence of all network types

A mobile application that needs the Internet to work may differ in performance based on the type of network used. For instance, wireless networks are generally faster than certain network carriers or the GPRS. Performance of an app is greatly affected when the user in on move and therefore testers should consider similar situations to ensure how well the mobile application can handle network transitions.

Consider all important hardware features while testing

Every mobile device is packed with a number of sensors (location sensors, proximity sensors, magnetic sensors to name a few) and other hardware features like the camera, microphone and so on. These sensors and hardware features differ from one device to another and impact the functioning of the mobile app to a large extent. Therefore testers must consider these factors individually to check how the mobile app can handle them.

Accomplish all standard test practices

Mobile patrons are believed to be more demanding than the conventional users of the PC in terms of quality and rich functionality. Along with the incorporation of the additional test scenarios, standard practices such as equivalence classes, coverage types and boundary values must all be applied to mobile testing too.

Leading software testing companies in India understand the challenges of mobile app testing and imbibe these practices for the highest quality results.

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