How To Use Test Automation in the Salesforce Cloud

Navigate today’s ever-changing small business market can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing technology usage for organizations. Cloud computing are the latest trends in today’s technology and organizations move towards cloud computing as this model allows organizations to scale server to specific resources, thus eliminating scenarios in which users are paying for computing resources that they aren’t using. This article contains information about Salesforce cloud computing and how test automation is applied to test the quality of this CRM.

“One of the well-known CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which provide support in customer management, marketing and sales for any business whether it is B2C (Business to Customer) or B2B (Business to Business) is the Salesforce cloud. On the other hand test automation is a separate type of software or combination of tools which is used to test the Salesforce cloud by a tester.”

Test Salesforce Cloud with Automation Testing Software “Crestech” in

Automation testing in the Salesforce cloud testing is adopted due to its fast delivery to the organization. Crestech is the automation testing software and it is specially designed to test and validate all the custom functionality in the Salesforce cloud. Salesforce is easily integrated with other technology like Oracle and SAP.

In the trending technological world, automation testing in the Salesforce cloud is not just to test individual apps, it is about to test the system which supports the unique business strategy and requirements in a specific organization. Crestech is that automation testing software which controls end to end business process and it is still in working condition when technology changes.

If you are using Salesforce cloud for your business in order to manage territories and sales leads, for tracking orders and opportunities, and for maintaining customer information, you must first choose Crestech automation testing for testing the quality and working of Salesforce Cloud computing that will help you in any critical condition and processes. For avoiding business disruption and for improving staff efficiency companies prefer to use Salesforce Cloud CRM.

Automate Salesforce Test Coverage

In order to overcome the challenges of technology different companies completely migrate to cloud computing and get benefits from cloud computing like scalable and flexible resources, the higher rate of productivity, lower the cost as much as possible, enhance collaboration, easy accessibility to business data from anywhere and much more. For saving time and money small and medium and even large organization use Salesforce Cloud to be able to compete and succeed -cloud computing can help business to grow while cutting cost.

Different automation testing tools are used for testing the Salesforce Cloud for meeting the needs of software changes that on daily basis or weekly or monthly basis with disrupting the working infrastructure of the business Salesforce cloud software that had already been installed. With automation testing in the Salesforce cloud, the time to make changes in the CRM is too short that the normal user can’t feel something is going to be changed. Automation testing set schedule for updates and upgrades in the software and the business process is running in the same way and processes continue to work as designed, every day, across every app and technology.

Matters Affecting for Automation Testing

Many of the enterprise level organizations are adopted Salesforce cloud with automation testing, but why? In order to understand this adoption and sudden shifting let us consider some matter about negative aspects of manual testing and how automation testing give the solution to these negative aspects.

  • Manual testing takes time: Manual testing takes too much time if the company follow agile approach, if you are fully dependent on manual testing then your delivery time is too long, and as a result you lose your customer and effort.
  • Manual testing is expensive: For manual testing, you hire employees while automation testing cut out these resources and do the job of 5 employees at one time.
  • Manual testing is not fun: Manual testing is the repetitive approach of testing in its nature. Imagine you have performed 200 tests for deploying the Salesforce cloud in a company and again if any update and upgrade come in the system, then all the 200 tests perform again, and it’s a boring task for every tester. It also wastes the time and talent of a tester. On the other hand, automation testing relaxes the tester and creates fun and freshness in the team member, and organizations get benefits from the tester in other works related to any other software testing.
  • Manual testing is open to mistakes: Unlike robots which do the same task again and again tester are human. As a tester when I bored and tired of doing the same task again and again and as a result I am less consistent with my work and more likely to make mistake or cut corners. Automation testing is safe and secure and not likely to make mistakes like humans.



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