Outsourcing of software testing has multiple benefits starting from reduced costs to higher efficiency. While entrusting the quality of critical software applications with one of the testing outsourcing companies, an organization must follow certain practices.

Here is a list of tips that can help achieve the desired results while outsourcing software testing.

Tip #1: Do not outsource testing to the company that you have also engaged for code development

Having the outsourced development team to also take care of the testing is like hiring a fox to watch the hen house. Quality assurance of the software application demands objectivity and this can be achieved only by assigning the task of testing to an independent expert team.

Tip #2: Ensure there is no friction between the internal team and the third party testing service provider

The inclusion of an external team in the software development process may cause certain changes within the organization and must be handled through appropriate training of the internal staff. The staff must believe that they have something valuable to learn from the process and that the third party testers are there only for the betterment of the software products.

Tip #3: While negotiating the project costs, the organization must understand that costs can be influenced based on a number of factors

The difference in software projects in terms of complexity of the application, nature of the application, the functionalities required and the level of security determine the cost of the testing project. If an organization is certain about its requirements and the system to be tested is highly structured, then the service provider may opt for a fixed pricing basis. However in cases of uncertainty, costs tend to escalate and may vary with time and tools required.

Tip #4: Address the important questions about the software application to make the testing process easier and less time consuming

Before engaging with the outsourcing companies, organizations must ensure that they have furnished sufficient details about the project and the application. Testing companies may expect answers to questions like:

What is the business goal of the software application?

What parameters must be achieved to proclaim an application is production ready?

What kind of data will be needed in the testing environment?

Who are the team members to be trained during the process?

Based on this information, testing outsourcing companies understand how well-defined a project is and how best it can be approached.

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