Aiming to help service providers ensure the quality of their offerings; Crestech has build a dedicated Mobile Center of Excellence that provides on-demand testing services for mobile applications particularly content intensive application targeted for mobile devices. This includes both the Native and internet based applications

Talking specifically about mobile web applications, mobile browsers are not yet standardized, unlike desktop web browsers, meaning they are unable to produce a consistent Internet experience from device to device. This poses a tremendous challenge when trying to successfully market to mobile users via the web. It’s very important to understand the different device platforms and which devices are most commonly used by your target market.

We help you in guaranteeing that mobile web users see your website the way you want them to. Through a series of device testing techniques, Crestech tests every aspect of your site to ensure that it renders correctly on the targeted devices.

Our services allow application providers to measure their mobile applications, services and content quality on both real and emulated devices.

Our services include

  • Cross Browser Cross platform testing
  • Rendering and usability testing
  • Syntax checking services for code
  • W3C mobileOK validation services
  • Localization testing services for mobile content

Tools we use

  • MITE
  • W3C Validator
  • Device Emulators for Nokia, Android, Blackberry
  • Cloud solutions like DeviceAnywhere and PerfectoMobile

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