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“Welcome to CresTech’s 9th Anniversary Edition of the newsletter. We have gone through few major transitions in the last quarter which have coincided with 9 years of CresTech operations, we discuss the journey the organization has gone though and the new technologies that we’ve developed and launched in the last few months. We also discuss the relevant issues organizations face with web testing solutions.”
“Earning CMMI Level 3 SVC is a major milestone for CresTech. This accomplishment is an indication of our solid commitment to deliver high quality services to our customers worldwide.”
5 August 2014

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to 9th Anniversary edition of the newsletter.
There is a story in every project we build. A personality ingrained by those who design and build
it. No matter what our clients’ project challenges are; we offer the people, the smart ideas, the desire and the dedication to get the job done right in the very first time. At CresTech, we believe that success is only achieved with relentless focus on innovation with execution and it is a result of this philosophy that has led to these exciting 9 years of CresTech. This past quarter has seen a significant milestone in the life of CresTech where we have become the First India headquartered

Pankaj Goel
CEO, Crestech Software Systems
independent software testing company to be appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 SVC v1.3 for its full life cycle testing projects. The appraisal was conducted by KPMG.

CMMI Level 3 is an internationally recognized standard given by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute to a company which has established sets of defined and documented standard processes for consistency of process performance across the organization. CresTech has undergone the appraisal process for CMMI Level 3 SVC v1.3 and the the appraisal results indicate that all the processes of CresTech are operating at Maturity Level 3 SVC.

"I wish and hope you like this edition of the Newsletter and provide us your feedback."
This globally recognized standard is a testament of CresTech’s commitment to consistently deliver cost effective, high quality, reliable & efficient software testing services to its clients across the globe.
Our position as an Independent Pure Play Testing Company
got another boost with Gartner placing CresTech in the list of Pure-Play Testing Service Providers Worldwide under Multi-domain Skills Section. Gartner is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.

At CresTech, with a strong belief in our people and the passion they have to innovate, our target is to provide our clients with innovative solutions to contribute in their growth.

August 2014
9 Celebrating our
Ninth Anniversary
Highlights of the year include our technical conference ‘Confluence’,
Our debut at the STC and our assessment at CMMI SVC Level 3.0
CresTech has come a long way since we started operations way back in July 2005!
It has been a marvelous journey which in less than a decade has brought us to where we are today!
This year was a year of firsts for us, We had our first technical conference, Our first time at STC and our first year of operations in USA.

The phenomenal growth has been the destiny of our choice, the strength of our people has always been to rise when the moment arrives and we have done this time and time again. We started off as a newly built software testing firm in this battle of David and Goliath and as it turns out that 9 years later, we have become the first Indian Independent QA Company to be certified as CMMI SVC Level 3 which is a testament of CresTech’s commitment to consistently deliver cost effective, high quality, reliable & efficient software testing services to its clients across the globe.

With this we enter the Decimal Year of Operations at CresTech and the challenge is upon us, but as we have always done we will do what is hard, we will do what is great!

New Opkey update!
OpKey is a tool agnostic test automation platform which provides a complete end to end functional test automation solution. It provides solution for varied platforms like web, mobile, desktop etc. Its integrations with many tools such as selenium, watir, soapui, robotium from open source world, and with QTP, RFT, etc available from commercial tools. It has got many useful features like in built object management, test data management, recorder, integrations with CI, ALM tools.

The latest in OpKey is its Cloud Platform which provides you a solution to run your automation suite on more that 100 OS browser combinations in parallel, which helps you save both time and cost on test automation. OpKey is not an automation tool in itself. It integrates with the existing automation tools available and provides a complete end to end test automation solution.

Not only are Web, Mobile and Web services Test automation – All in One Script but they also accelerate your Selenium Web Driver automation by up to 3X
And this month OpKey came out with it’s latest version that is set to make the use of OpKey not only way easier to use but also cuts down user time. The OpKey Personal edition is live and free to use at the opkey website

OpKey The tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform allows a GUI Based Code-less methodology to write test automation scripts

It Integrates with most popular open source and commercial tools and gives you a seamless way of writing test automation scripts for Web mobile and web services.
August 2014
Website Testing Solutions
Testing your website successfully
Agility Analysis Know your audience
Conduct multiple iterative tests to help you find more of what consumers like (and dislike).
Understand the importance of testing the right things rather than a scattered approach
Deliver target tests to key audience segments eliminating the one size fits all website which in turn makes the web experience more relevant and boosts conversion rates
Competitive Advantage Test Test Test Win
Frequent testing uncovers more revenue
opportunities, giving you the edge over competitors. The Key is to know what works and making sure that the key area always works
Every campaign is diffferent, Keep regular track of the website to make sure that nothing is ever

Test more to convert more!

Noida | Bangalore | San Francisco | Sydney
August 2014