We understand that building a great product require a great vision and strong engineering. However what also makes a product really great is how end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition.

While working with enterprises of all sizes, we observed that organizations still manage their SDLC processes using excel sheets. Requirements to test cases to test scenarios, everything is managed using excel sheets. While at a level it works for them, eventually the following issues crop up:

  • Lack of traceability & impact analysis
  • Audit trails
  • Collaboration between stake holders

In fact, studies suggest that teams lose up to 40% of their productive time struggling with these challenges.


This problem inspired us to conceptualize OpTest, an integrated, collaborative platform that would allow business analysts, developers, testers and management to all seamlessly work together.

So, OpTest is essentially an Application Lifecycle Management Solution that allows end-to-end management of activites across the lifecycle.

OpTest has 5 modules:

  • Requirement Module: To write the business requirements & screen prototype
  • Test Artifacts Module: To prepare test cases & test scenarios
  • Test Schedule Module: To manage build releases and test cycles
  • Test Execution and Result Management Module: To perform actual execution and compare results
  • Bug Management Module: To log defects for failed artifacts


With more than 15 pre-build test reports based on 40 test KPIs, OpTest provides exhaustive dashboards that enable management to take critical business decisions with confidence. I would like to highlight some of the key features of OpTest here:

  • All modules of OpTest are collaborative in nature. It allows users to post comments and reply on them in real time. It almost gives you a blog type of usability.
  • It allows integration of manual tests with third-party automation tools.
  • In case you are already using BugZilla or Jira, OpTest allows you to integrate with external defect management tools.


OpTest has virtually replaced excel sheets and other traditional mechanisms in most of the enterprises where we are working with our customers. Most of the customers who have implemented OpTest have realized the following benefits:

  • Centralized asset management
  • Zero process gaps
  • Improved team productivity due to automation of process and low management overheads
  • Transparency & visibility of project status
  • Improved accountability of individuals

So what are you waiting for? Come, experience the change! Experience OpTest!


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