We understand that building a great product requires a great vision and strong engineering. However, what also makes a product really great is how the end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition.

One of the major challenges of using a commercial automation tool is the availability of tool experts and dependency on them. Having a separate automation team of experts for managing the end to end automation activity has its own disadvantages. We propose a structure where the automation team can involve the manual team or business users or other non-technical users in the automation process, bringing the overall risk of the automation implementation to a significantly low level.

Our framework bridges the gap between automation and non-automation team members. Automation experts create the keywords, which can be used as steps in the excel sheet to create automated business flows. We have our own set of keyword repositories, which we provide as part of framework implementation. If required, new keyword creation is a one-time process and the same can be reused across applications across projects.


  • Business process based approach of automation
  • Ability to create automated test cases directly in excel sheet – this activity can be done even by the manual tester
  • Vast repository of custom keywords for web application automation
  • Excel reporting (apart from tool based reporting)
  • The framework can be integrated very easily with any tool (commercial or open source)


  • Acts as a turnkey solution for web application automation
  • No need of license of the tool while developing the script – any number of people can be deployed for script development irrespective of the number of licenses
  • Speeds up overall implementation because of easy use of the service

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