Test Accelerators
Test Accelerators

We understand that building a great product requires a great vision and strong engineering. However, what also makes a product really great is how the end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition.

Innovation is one of our core values. We have always believed in providing services differently to bring more value to our customers. Our set of accelerators validates this commitment. These are tool kits available to our customers to bring more efficiency and productivity within their system. We are located in India ( Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore ), USA and Australia.

There are two categories of Accelerators – Accelerator Toolkit and Business Accelerators.

Accelerator Toolkit

These are a set of innovative tools to accelerate a specific testing activity or process.

  • OpKey is a smart automation framework to improve your test automation efficiency. It can work with any automation tool like QTP, Selenium, RFT, Robotium etc. and saves cost on automation up to 50%.
  • OpTest is essentially an Application Lifecycle Management Solution that allows end-to-end management of activities across the lifecycle. You can improve the productivity of team by managing various activities like requirement management, test management and collaboration through this platform.
  • ISV is a one stop solution to test your SOA based application. It simplifies the complex testing of web services and APIs.
  • C-SAC is one of its kind, on demand, cloud based web penetration testing tool. With this, the security testing of your application is a point and click activity: a task anyone can perform. Moreover, you can test your applications within your budget.
  • PerfOnCloud is a performance testing solution on cloud using which you can test your application by generating load from different parts of the world and getting real time results. Built using the open source solution, JMeter, it is a solution you can easily afford.
  • Orthogonal Test Case Generator (O TCG) uses the pair wise testing approach and optimizes the number of test cases required.
  • Model Based Automated Test Case Generator (MB TCG) is a tool, which converts the requirements into a structured format and generates test scenarios automatically. It not only helps to remove ambiguity in requirements but also reduces the time of test design.
  • FDM – This tool allows you to Functional dependency maps very easily. This is used for Impact analysis purpose and optimizes the test coverage.

Business Accelerator:

These are designed to serve the needs of a specific business domain. These accelerators are a set of the following:

  • Pre – built business process diagrams created in industry standard format BPMN.
  • Pre – built test cases and scenarios linked with BPDs. These can very easily be customized and enhanced.
  • Pre built automation suite using BPT approach.

By using these accelerators you can reduce your testing effort up to 40%. We currently have accelerators for

  • Telecom OSS, BSS and VSS Product Suite Testing
  • E-commerce Portal Testing
  • Insurance Testing
  • Oracle CRM Testing

With OpKey as the platform for these business accelerators, it is very easy for us to create a new set of testing accelerators.

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