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IT Industry has been witnessing an evolution of sort over last few years. With convergence of Cloud, mobility and SOA, software testing services and business models are evolving on a continuous basis.

Testing Services – An Overview

The world today is in midst of a communication revolution and businesses are increasingly looking at host of new disruptive technologies making their way into organizations. From cloud computing, agile testing to SOA services, the changes that a company is experiencing are many and varied.

A whole gamut of software is being developed across the world with an eye on encompassing the benefits offered by new technologies. From mobile apps to Big data applications in the cloud, the kind of software making its way into your ecosystem can have a great affect on your performance and even your security.

Ensuring Software Quality while Maintaining Profitability

Quality or QA has become the buzzword as organizations try to enforce robustness and reliability across applications that are used by numerous people at a given instance. With shorter development time frames, software testing services today are faced with the unique challenge of maintaining strict quality standards while reducing the overall time needed in the qa and testing process. Our quality management processes are tuned to ensure that the process of validating and developing software, from its early conceptual stages to final release is managed in an integrated manner. While other software testing services tend to keep software testing activities straight jacketed in a corner, we focus on expanding the envelope and taking all stakeholders through the entire process. Emphasis is given on incorporating the best practices at the time of software testing and automation for resource management and reducing schedule constraints while keeping the focus on increasing productivity.

Agile Software Testing

With newly evolving technologies the move towards agile software delivery is quite noticeable. However one must realize that quality issues in agile software delivery can become more acute and traditional software testing can hardly match up to the requirements. In a typical scenario, testing teams wait till software modules are completed before initiating the process. However at CresTech our sophisticated testing solutions that utilize agile specific tools ensure the successful testing of each iteration and we utilize a framework wherein all stakeholders can be actively involved in the software testing process.

Why CresTech for Software Testing Services

Given our right mix of state of the art testing methodologies ( 5 provisional patents), highly skilled manpower and global presence, CresTech is uniquely positioned to take up any QA challenge that you can throw at us. Building on our matured governance models and strategic partnerships we come across the best software testing service that can facilitate the transformation of your QA operations in the most effective manner. We have our service providers over 300+ consultants with our centres in India (Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore), USA (California) and Australia.

We offer a full range of Software Testing Solutions:

Product Quality Management

Whether you are developing a new Product or Re-engineering an existing application, CresTech can undertake the entire end-to-end testing of it – right from Test Process setup to functional validation to non functional governance…


Application Performance Management

At CresTech, we go beyond usual Load\Stress testing and actually help you manage your application performance throughout SDLC for a wonderful end user experience. Right from…

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Test Automation Solutions

You definitely do not want your testing team to spend a majority of their time doing the regression testing build after build. Instead you would like them to focus on new feature testing services and hence our test automation solutions are …

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Application Security Management

We understand that for you, application security is not just an end Lifecycle activity for compliance. It is in-fact a through-out the SDLC phenomenon. Hence our application security management solutions helps…

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Mobile Testing Solutions

Leveraging on On-Demand and Globally accessible mobile device cloud bank and our propriety mobile test automation framework, we conduct exhaustive end to end testing of…

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Specialized Testing Solutions

Our specialized testing services help you solve the complex technology and business testing challenges. Our suite of services include End to End testing of your cloud migration, functional performance and security testing of your…

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Test Optimizaton & Transformation Solutions

For enterprises that want to optimize their testing efforts and transform their existing QA functions to align with fast changing business needs, we design tailor made QA transformation and optimize programs. Starting…

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