Architectural Analysis & Code Reviews

Architectural Analysis & Code Reviews
Architectural Analysis & Code Reviews

A change in the application architecture is very time taking and costly to fix, particularly when it arises late in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Well designed software architecture goes a long way in deciding the performance of the system. Hence, it is crucial to access the architecture of a system during the design phase itself, so that any potential gaps in the architecture that can lead to performance degradation can be identified early in the development process when they are easier and less expensive to fix.

Architectural analysis for performance

Under our Architectural Analysis Services and Code Review offering, we conduct a formal review that examines architectural decisions with respect to their impact on performance as well as other quality attributes, such as reliability or modifiability. We review the application architecture and design to uncover any architecture level performance bottlenecks and give recommendations to make necessary changes, if required thus helping you answer questions like

  • Will my architecture support the performance I need
  • Is my architecture scalable enough to meet the future needs
  • Does my architecture ensures optimal hardware and network utilization

We also setup a Performance Governance Center that helps in conducting periodic code audits and reviews throughout development, to ensure the performance of the system has not degraded with updates and fixes in the application code.

Why Us

Team of Experts having Architects, Senior Developers and Senior Performance Analysts

Our team of experts has people with industry experience of more than 15 years in providing Architecture solutions, Development and Performance analysis. The experts analyze your system architecture and design to identify potential bottlenecks and give recommendations to fix them.

Get Early Signs of Performance Problems & Prevent costly fixes later

By looking at the high-level designs and reviewing the architecture, we help you get early signs of performance problems in the system rather than waiting till the end of development lifecycle. The vulnerabilities identified at this stage are cheapest to fix than what it would cost at the end of SDLC.

Code Reviews for Performance throughout Development Lifecycle

We enable you to perform regular code reviews and audits on your application throughout the development phase, to ensure that performance bottlenecks are identified with each code release and do not sneak to production. During the initiation phase itself, our experts setup a Performance Governance Center for you that helps in performing the code reviews regularly.

Developer Workshops to adopt Performance best practices

We conduct regular workshops and trainings for developers and technical team members to sensitize them of the best practices and standards for writing high-performing codes.

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