End User Experience

End User Experience
End User Experience

Studies from leading research groups suggest that end user response time is the single biggest factor outside functionality that helps you retain your user loyalty. Portals having poor uptime services and availability for its end users leads to revenue losses and adversely affects a company’s brand. If you are a Portal or Website company who drive business through web\mobile user transactions, it is highly imperative that you know what your end users are experiencing in their real world conditions. A 3-second response time might not be Ok for a specific set of customer where as another segment might be willing to wait for up to 15 seconds on your site.

Our End User monitoring solution

CresTech offers end User monitoring solution that continuously monitors your application health from end user perspective giving you real world stats like which browser-OS combination is the slowest, what segment of users at what bandwidth are experiencing poor response time etc..The idea is to provide the service of monitoring your web site continuously at all times so that you become aware of problems early enough before it translates into substantial loss of revenue. We check the availability of your websites at regular time intervals for end users browsing from different corners of the world. A notification or alert is automatically sent to you via Email or SMS, if your website is found to be down or unresponsive. Thus, you can take necessary corrective actions quickly before your end users are impacted.

Why Us

  • Get a Self-service portal for real-time view of your site’s performance
  • 20+ monitoring locations from India and abroad to give you a wide coverage of end users
  • Get Instant Notifications & Alerts via Email & SMS
  • Get your Business Processes monitored along with Static Website Pages
  • Get Daily & Weekly Reports for detailed analysis

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