Load Testing & Capacity Planning

Revolutionary communication trends have hit the source servers with instantaneous load. In present scenario, the client server systems are expected to perform unfailingly under loads ranging from hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. Therefore, Load Testing & Capacity planning are indispensable components of successful enterprise enactments. This creates a bigger than ever room for error-free Load Testing Services.

That’s not all, considering edginess of the subject, adequate Application Load Testing is required before deploying the app on production to make it live. It is important to know existing quality standard of the app system along with its capacity to handle expected user load.

CresTech’s solutions for Application Load Testing and Capacity Planning

We offer advanced range of Application Load Testing and Load Testing Services, comprising of required skill-set, tools and load generation hardware. Our focus remains to serve you with the best and error-free load testing causing no load at you directly.

Our smartly designed load services and stress tests work to identify the current performance of your system along with its expected performance under specific type of user load. Through or automated performance test, we smartly and successfully figure out whether the system meets desired performance SLAs or not. The performance tests to answer business questions pertaining to app performance like.

Our performance tests for Application Load Testing and Load Testing Services are conducted to answer following questions associated with your app’s performance:

  • Can my application handle at least 10000 shipments per hour, with 0 bounces
  • Can my E-Learning system support 100,000 students from across the country taking exam in 3 hour duration
  • Can my agent management system support 3000 insurance agents logging into system every quarter end and submitting policies
  • We also conduct Capacity planning to right size the server hardware required to meet service demands now and in the future.

Why Choose Us

  • We perform web/mobile application performance testing services for high volume with CresTech’s Performance Labs on Cloud. With its ability to generate load from multiple locations across the globe, we ensure adequate testing.
  • Our expert present unique blend ensuring power of commercial tools with the ease of Open source tools in highly effective ways.
  • We leverage our strategic partnerships with industry leaders like SOASTA and NEOLOAD to bring best of Application Load Testing and Load Testing Services.
  • Team of talented and skilled test engineers is always available at your service.
  • We are global with our centres located in Noida (India), Gurgaon (India), Bangalore (India), USA and Australia.

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