Architectural Analysis & Code Reviews

An architecture and design review at the beginning of SDLC, helps you to validate the security-related design features of your application even before the development starts. The vulnerabilities identified at this stage can be fixed at a much lower cost and with least effort than what it would be in case of retrofitting security after development is complete. A substantial reengineering effort is required if potential vulnerabilities get away hitched to the design and architecture of an application.

Our solution for Architecture Analysis & Code Review (from Security Perspective)
We offer Architectural Analysis and Code Review as our service to reduce the cost of improving the overall security posture of your applications and system architectures by identifying risks early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our team of Security specialists and technical architects work together to analyze key architectural level security considerations like Input Validations, Authentications, and Configuration Management etc. and give recommendation to your development team for making relevant changes and fixes in the system architecture.

We have our own proven methodology for performing security review on your application architecture and code review.

Here are the high-level steps of our methodology

    • Based on the understanding of the design documents, our experts decompose your application to identify key items, including trust boundaries, data flow, entry points and privileged code.
    • We understand the physical deployment configuration of your application.
    • We analyze the design approached you have adopted and the most commonly exhibit vulnerabilities in the key items of the design.

Why Us

    • We help you build a culture of security within your team. By starting early, your developers, architects and testing team members understand the importance of security and carry it throughout the application development lifecycle.
    • Through our methodology of architecture review we provide a comprehensive threat model of potential and observed risks in the application architecture and develop recommendations to eliminate or mitigate those risks.
    • We have a right blend of security experts and technology specialists in our team, who have 15+ years of industry experience in areas of information security and architecture solutioning.
    • Global presence with our centres providing services in Noida(India), Gurgaon(India), Bangalore(India), USA and Australia.

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