Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment

The threat from malicious attackers attempting to compromise corporate IT infrastructures has grown exponentially over the past 3 – 4 years. The malicious activities from amateur hackers have converted into organized crime, leading to higher scale of threat to which the critical data of enterprises is exposed. Most of the enterprises depend on their networks to run their services and operations across the globe. However, the same worldwide connectivity also exposes them to attacks and financial loss. Network security testing is performed to test security of network defenses (IDS/IPS/Firewalls etc.) by performing an active analysis of the network for potential vulnerabilities caused by insecure configurations, hardware or software flaws or bugs, or operational and process loopholes.

Our solution for Network Security Assessment

CresTech’s Network Security Assessment Service offer deals with the security of our client’s Network and infrastructure against attempts of hacking. It is primarily concerned with protecting client’s network and computer systems against threats such as exploits, malware, data leakage, spam, and denial of service (DoS) attacks, as well as ensuring trusted access through mechanisms such as IPsec or SSL.
Our network security assessment solution provides an exhaustive coverage as VAPT tests are performed from within the client’s network, as well as from outside over the Internet. Our team of Network security testing experts simulates the same methods that hacker would follow to exploit multiple network security weaknesses in different combinations.

Our Network PT approach is based on following methodology,

Why Us

  • We have a well-defined network security assessment approach that includes – comprehensive diagnostic processes, detailed assessment reports, actionable remediation strategies and regular post-audit support.
  • We have team of network security experts who exploit the network vulnerabilities in the same fashion that a hacker would follow to penetrate within your network from internal as well as external locations.
  • We are one of the best in the industry having 300+ consultant with our delivery centres in Noida (India), Gurgaon (India), Bangalore (India), USA and Australia.

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