On Demand Security Assessment with C-SAC

On Demand Security Assessment with C-SAC
On Demand Security Assessment with C-SAC

We at CresTech believe that application security is paramount and that our clients should be able to easily and independently test the security of their web applications with every code release, to ensure no vulnerabilities move to production and pose a threat to application security.

Our solution for On-Demand Security Assessment

We at CresTech have provided this service for the past 7 years and thus understanding the needs of our customers, we have developed our own On-demand Security Assessment Platform that we call

CSAC or CresTech Security Assessment Center.

With CresTech Security Assessment Platform (CSAC) which is available On Demand Software Testing you can quickly, accurately, and affordably perform black-box security assessment of your web applications, without any software to install or manage. You work through a self-service portal which is available online to configure and schedule scans and view results of the tests performed. You can easily work with CSAC with basic knowledge of application security space, even if you have not operated any tools and frameworks for security testing. It’s services are completely automated that allows you to quickly initiate security tests on your web application and get back to other tasks. The reports generated are exhaustive in nature that helps your developers to make fixes with easy understanding of bugs. CSAC complies with Security Standards like OWASP and SANS.

CSAC runs in two versions, one that runs on public cloud and is used by SMEs to perform regular black-box VAPT audits on their web applications that are hosted online. The other is an Enterprise version for which we do a custom implementation on customer’s infrastructure to cater to their security requirements. The CSAC Public cloud solution runs live on www.testoncloud.com. You can visit the website and register yourself online to create an account which is absolutely FREE for lifetime.

Why Us

  • With CSAC, you can maximize your threat coverage as our unique VAPT technology called IntelliHackTM, works with a combination of tools that will generate the best results for your application.
  • Now you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket by investing into expensive security testing tools and solutions. With CSAC we bring you the most affordable and reliable security testing solution that can cater effectively to your web application security requirements.
  • Even the Business users and other Non-technical people on the team can use the self-service portal to perform a few easy steps and schedule test scans on the application.
  • With CSAC, you can perform tests On Demand Software Testing Services Anytime from Anywhere across the globe, without being restricted to a machine, tool or location.
  • We have experts providing these services from past 7 years and we have a Global Presence as we are located in India (Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore), USA and Australia.

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