Holistic Web Application Security

Holistic Web Application Security
Holistic Web Application Security

An architecture and design review at the beginning of SDLC, helps you to validate the security-related design features of your application even before the development starts. The vulnerabilities identified at this stage can be fixed at a much lower cost and with least effort than what it would be in case of retrofitting security after development is complete. A substantial re-engineering effort is required if potential vulnerabilities get away hitched to the design and architecture of an application.

Our solution for Holistic Web Application Security

We have our service offering Holistic Web Application Security testing that governs the end-to-end security certification of applications over web and mobile platforms. We perform an exhaustive black-box vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) and Static code analysis using automated tools and manual techniques to identify all the vulnerabilities in your applications. For mobile, we address security risks of your application on all the major platforms like android, iOS, blackberry, windows and symbian.

We adopt a strong technology and process based approach adhering to industry standards as SANS and OWASP. Our approach is supported by our proprietary well-documented methodology, known as HolisecTM, which is a 360o approach to identify all the potential security flaws in the application and underlying environment. Our methodology includes testing at all levels in the system-

  • Platform
  • Administration
  • Application


Why Us

  • We have a proven methodology that maximizes the threat coverage on your application by performing security tests at Architecture level, Code level (Static code analysis) and Application level (black-box). Both, Manual and Automated VAPT tests are performed to ensure holistic test coverage and certify that the application is secured from any security threat.
  • We have expertise of working with best-of-breed tools to perform Static code analysis (white-box security VAPT) and black-box VAPT on your application.
  • We get into a SLA driven engagement with our clients, where we provide the service of end-to-end management and maintenance of security for their one or more applications. We setup necessary tools, frameworks and methodology that easily fit into their model of delivery.
  • We have flexible engagement models tailored to reflect the maturity, complexity, technology, process and other factors that drive a successful project delivery. We allow our clients to harness our unique service models just by choosing an appropriate one meeting their needs – time, cost, size, testing requirement and other needs.
  • We have our Global Presence with centres in India (Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore), USA and Australia.

The diagram below highlights the key security threats that exist at these levels and are considered during vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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