Mobile Device Compatibility Testing

Mobile Device Compatibility Testing
Mobile Device Compatibility Testing

In an age where Smartphones and Tablets are becoming the preferred medium for accessing the internet besides keeping in touch; nearly every company is looking to launch their own mobile(android and iOS) apps targeted at this mobile audience. Mobile apps as opposed to typical desktop software have a shorter time to market and have a plethora of unique technical challenges. From different versions of operating systems to varying hardware configuration, mobile apps span an extremely fragmented ecosystem that is based on highly dynamic variables. In such a scenario the need for cutting edge mobile device testing services to validate your apps on different devices is quite pressing.

Mobile device manufacturers often tend to consider a particular market segment while rolling out their mobile handset. For example you can come across two distinct Smartphones that are running on Google Android Jelly Bean OS. However the configuration and the user experience including the possible screen size of these devices can vary significantly. Thus there is an urgent need for mobile device testing services to consider all the major handsets and platforms where app is expected to find a usage and check them for compatibility. Again in light of brisk OS updates and launch of highly anticipated Smartphones, one needs to engage mobile device testing services that can respond to dynamic changes.

If that was not all Mobile App marketplaces throw their own challenges with respect to security standards and other aspects and app publishers need to engage effectual mobile device testing services to clear such hurdles. Even after your approval you need to continuously adhere to the policies that are outlined and any violation can lead to your app from being debarred from the platform. Mobile device compatibility testing services can help you continuously meet the specified norms and test every iteration of app in the minutest detail so that you never fall out of favor.

Why CresTech for Mobile Device Compatibility Testing

One of the top most challenges organizations face when undertaking mobile transformation programs is how to test their mobile app on all possible combination of end user devices and platforms. With new devices being released every other week, platforms like android releasing OS updates on a regular basis and pressure to release the app faster than ever before, the testing challenges are compounded manifold and only qualified mobile device testing services can tackle them.

Managing a personal device lab can be quite hard with an ever expanding number of devices. Further it would increase overhead costs associated with bringing your apps to the market while managing such a lab end up consuming your valuable time and critical resources. Even if you somehow manage to set one up, hiring the right set of experienced manpower would remain a key challenge as such talent would typically prefer to work with leading mobile device testing services.

At CresTech we posses an expansive lab that includes nearly possible mobile device that is in vogue today and have to our credit the most talented pool of test engineers specializing in the mobile app domain. Further our years of expertise in checking out numerous mobile apps place us an unique advantage of validating your android and iOS app on a plethora of parameters which normal mobile device testing services are not even aware off.

Test your Mobile App – with Maximum Device Coverage

CresTech’s Device compatibility testing service helps you test the functionality of your android and iOS application on a variety of smart phones and connected devices in a seamless fashion. Leveraging our state of art mobile test lab in India and US (comprising of 200+ smart phones and connected devices) we give our clients an optimum mix of carrier, device and platform configuration mix.

Banking on our relationship with device manufacturers (like Samsung, LG, Sony, RIM, Apple and Microsoft) and our partnerships with cloud device providers like Perfecto mobile, we further have access to 3000+ devices across the globe to ensure that your mobile application is tested holistically on latest mobile devices and across different carriers .

We also help you automate your mobile device compatibility testing using our patented mobile automation platform so that you can test your mobile apps more exhaustively without compromising on your go-To Market speed

Our Expertise in Mobile Device Testing

  • Most exhaustive collection of mobile device through our mobile device lab
  • Seamless integration of mobile test automation and mobile lab
  • Pay as you go model for mobile device lab access – allowing you to optimize your costs
  • Global presence in India (Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon), USA and Australia with 300+ consultants.

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