Managed Mobile Application Quality Assurance

The phenomenal growth of android and iOS devices has opened up avenues for organization to integrate them into the mainstream computing environment. There are plenty of challenges associated with Mobile testing with respect to usability, o/s, devices, performance & Security which are answered here at Crestech with our unique mix of solutions and methodologies. Our customized mobile testing solutions are best fit for all your mobile testing needs which are SLA driven and cost effective.

When one thinks of Mobile testing these questions often cross one’s mind.

  • Which Device should be used for testing?
  • Can we use an emulator?
  • How to handle device and O/S fragmentation
  • What all to do in Mobile performance & Security
  • How do we prototype for mobile?
  • Can we just recycle the tasks we use for desktop software tests?
  • How do we record screen, fingers and facial expressions?

We at Crestech intend to answer all these questions with a unique blend of domain and technology offering services that are desgined to fit into your business model and assure you profitability.

Mobile Test Centre of Excellence

Aiming to help service providers ensure the quality of their android app Crestech has build a dedicated Mobile Center of Excellence that provides on-demand testing services for mobile applications particularly content intensive application targeted for mobile devices. This includes both the Native and internet based applications

We help you in guaranteeing that mobile web users see your website the way you want them to. Through a series of device testing techniques, Crestech tests every aspect of your site to ensure that it renders correctly on the targeted devices.

Our services allow application providers to measure their mobile applications (android and iOS), services and content quality on both real and emulated devices.

On Demand – State of the Art Mobile Lab

Conducting testing in uncontrolled real-world test conditions is done in our state of art Mobile test lab with over 50 devices. We use our in house test-device matrix to optimize the investment on devices and environment s for the client.

On demand access to handsets from multiple client locations are facilitates to fasten the turnaround time For devices and carriers which are not supported by our inhouse mobility lab we use:

  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Device Anywhere
  • Nokia RDA

We’ll ensure that your mobile app behave

Making your mobile (android and iOS) app functioning as expected on multiple devices and platforms can become extremely challenging. There is an entire ecosystem around mobile applications which is quite different from traditional application testing:

We at Crestech provide service of verifying all the functional and non functional aspects of the entire mobile ecosystem.Be it installation, app stability, interrupt , look and feel, app functionality, back and forward compatibility, uninstallation or mobile analytics , we take care of all of them.

Mobility Redefined Mobile App Certification

Crestech has created a convenient, comprehensive service that helps you successfully navigate mobile certification programs.

With our Logo-Sure service, you benefit from a full range of mobile QA services including pre-testing, regression, application evaluations and localization. Our Logo-Sureâ„¢ readies your application for the marketplace and for required certification programs.

Our testing service process helps assure mobile operators and online retailers around the world that your app will:

  • Meet the desired platform’s technical and usability standards for application certification
  • Work on a majority of phones on the desired platform

Our certification services include

  • Pre Certification Testing
  • Certification Program management 

CresTechs Enterprise Test Framework (ETF) for Mobile Ecosystem

With years of enterprise experience in Mobile , we at Crestech have developed a robust and independent Enterprise Test Framework for Mobile Ecosystem which is a unique blend of experience, domain, technology and tools which proves to be a cost effective and innovative solution to your business model

Our Test Strategies are based around this which gives a perfect solution to all the business challenges. This frameworks fits with any business model and enables us to give better results in less time

Flexible Pay as you go Engagement Model

We help our clients world wide to plan their investment and manage critical business testing for their mobile app while using our tools and devices in pay as you go model.

We ensure that we tailor and customize a solution which is the best fit for your mobile app testing needs.

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