Non Functional Governance

Non Functional Governance
Non Functional Governance

One of the key factors determining your product success is the end user’s experience of using your product. And you would agree that its way beyond just functional correctness of your product. Whole lot of factors like usability, performance and security determine how end user feels about your product. Unfortunately these performance, security and usability testing are often looked at towards end of development lifecycle.

How CresTech helps govern your non functional requirements

Though our Non functional governance solution, we help enterprises in setting up and managing Non Functional governance centers within their development teams – so that non functional requirements like performance, security, usability, content etc. are tested throughout the SDLC and not just towards the end. This includes

  • Defining all the non functional parameters that impact product usage experience
  • Validating product requirements for completeness of Non Functional parameters
  • Setting up development best practices around non functional aspects of product
  • Setting up periodic code and architecture reviews to flush out usability, performance and security flaws early in lifecycle
  • Testing the code for performance, usability and security right from unit level to integration and system level
  • Building dashboards to reflect and quantify Non functional quality index of application

So in effect you can be sure of non functional behavior of your application before you go to your customers

Why CresTech

  • Full range of non functional testing solutions – Performance, Security, Usability, Accessibility, compatibility – which means you would get all solutions under one roof
  • Our dedicated cloud based labs allowing you to integrate performance and security testing as part of your Continuous build integration systems like Bamboo and Jenkins – Helping you optimize test infrastructure cost.
  • Strong team of technology architects and experienced managers to help you define non functional governance practices effectively in your team

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