Specialized Software Testing Solutions

Specialized Testing Solutions in India, USA
Specialized Testing Solutions in India, USA

We understand that building a great software requires a great vision and strong engineering. However, what also makes a software really great is how the end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition.

Evolving technology landscape and increasing complexity of IT systems demand the testing teams to look beyond conventional focus areas and conduct more specialized software testing to keep pace with end user expectations. Our portfolio of Specialized Testing Services can help you achieve these challenging objectives.

In addition to our exhaustive portfolio of Business Testing, Mobile Testing, Non Functional testing like performance and security and a wide range of Test Automation and optimization solutions, we offer a broad portfolio of Specialized Software Testing Services, including:

  • Cloud Migration Testing: Take advantage of our evolved cloud testing strategy and our strategic partnerships with Cloud service provider companies like AWS and Rackspace to test critical quality attributes like availability, multi tenancy, scalability, data security, disaster recovery and interoperability for your applications on the cloud.We have our centres in India and USA.
  • Agile Testing: Access our context driven agile testing services in India for client companies are specifically tailored and perfected to align with your development methodology (XP, Scrum, BDD etc..) leveraging industry best practices like Test driven development, Pairwise testing and others.
  • SOA Test Labs: Our evolved testing methodologies like Progressive SOA Test Automation (PSTA) combined with our in-house SOA Test Lab helps you get access to shared tools and infrastructure and continually validate your SOA migrations and transformation programs for consistency and reliability
  • Data Warehouse Testing: Our testing methodology is incremental and designed to accommodate changing data-warehouse schema that may arise from evolving business needs. We use a unique, structured approach to data-warehouse testing that runs parallel with development to eliminate anomalies before they reach production.
  • Package Testing: We test interrelated applications developed by leading third-party software vendors for a wide range of packages, including SCM, ERP and CRM from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others.
  • Cloud Resource Utilization: Whether you are migrating your legacy applications and infrastructure to cloud or building a cloud hosted application from scratch, our Cloud Testing CoE validates and certifies the application functional and non functional attributes leveraging on our partnerships.

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