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Agile Testing

Agile methodologies are brining a paradigm shift in the way businesses are developing, collaborating and delivering solutions. Agile testing methodology requires has an approach that allows Early Defect Detection and Prevention mechanism, continuous business and customer validation at all stages and highest level of collaborations between teams.

CresTech’s Agile testing methodology integrates our proven Global Delivery Model with Agile development processes thus brining fast, effective and cost efficient testing across the agile enterprises. Our team of Agile Test consultants and certified scrum masters can help organizations in following areas

  • Agile Test Transformations: If you are contemplating transforming your current set of development and testing processes, we can help you in defining an Agile roadmap, training your teams in agile principals and managing your agile programs till the time you can operate it independently
  • Agile Test Automation: Test automation for agile teams requires a different approach and framework. We combine white box testing methodologies with functional automation approach and help you achieve fast automation turnaround for agile test teams
  • Agile test case authoring: We can help you evolve your agile test plan and write your test cases conforming to the four quadrants of agile principals (Test driven development, Continuous Integration, business focus and maintainable scripts)

Why Us

  • Proven Agile governance framework: Our agile Test governance framework has evolved from our experience of managing global delivery teams in agile mode. Hence it integrates practical agile processes, effective collaboration tools, Tracking Reports and dashboards and agile quality metrics
  • Prebuilt Agile Test Assets: We have pre-build reusable assets such as, performance accelerators, and automation accelerators, test scenarios that help us to efficiently analyze and introduce projects into Agile successfully, without complications.
  • Global Agile delivery models: We offer delivery models that help clients align QA activities for an efficient and effective Agile Project delivery. Customers also benefit from our offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery models, all of which ensure stability and high quality of service and product.
  • Right tool and technology interfaces: We have worked with all the industry standard agile tools and collaboration platforms Like Atlassian confluence, JIRA, Twist, VersionOne and others

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