Cloud Migration Testing

“On Demand” paradigm of cloud computing is redefining the business models across enterprises. Whether you are migrating your legacy applications and infrastructure to cloud or building a cloud hosted application from scratch, some of your top most concerns should be

  • Availability: Of On-demand applications and infrastructure
  • Scalability: Of your system to handle your user load
  • Data Security: of the user’s information on multi tenacy architecture
  • Interoperability: Of your system with various IaaS and PaaS platforms

“On-Demand Ready” – Our Cloud Migration Testing services helps you move to cloud infrastructure by validating and certifying your applications environment and infrastructure for cloud readiness

Taking advantage of our own On-Demand testing solution ( and our strategic partnerships with Cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, GoGrid & Rackspace, we ensure that your move to cloud is fail proof and has been certified for cloud readiness

Why Us

  • We have been trusted partners of new age startups and large enterprise alike in their cloud migration journey and have perfected our cloud testing methodology to meet evolving cloud technology demands
  • You can save your dollars by leveraging , our own patented platform for providing on demand security testing and test automation solutions
  • We have our service delivery offices in India (Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon), USA and Australia

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