Datawarehouse Testing

Datawarehouse Testing
Datawarehouse Testing

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming lifeline of business today with more and more leaders relying on accurate sourcing and representation of data to take business critical decisions. This requires data warehouses and business intelligence applications which can answer exactly the types of questions that users would like to pose against real-time data.

CresTech’s BI and Data warehouse testing solutions focus on testing complex business rules and transformation built using ETL logic. Using our suite of propriety utilities like DDF (Data Differential Framework) and FDF (File Differential framework), we test schema changes, data integrity and transformation logics across all phases of data acquisition, ETL, OLAP and reporting. We have worked with industry standard solutions like Microstartgy, Oracle BI, Informatica, Cognos amongst others

Our suite of BI and Data warehouse testing solutions include:

  • ETL, OLAP and Reports testing: Right from testing Extraction logic, transformation rules, data loading quality and integrity to validating all the OLAP cube dimensions across measures and measure groups to testing reports (drill throughdrill down) we test BI implementation end to end
  • Data migration Testing: Migrating the data warehouse from one system to another or an upgraded database is often a tedious task. We can help you with the right testing strategy for data migration ensuring data correctness and quality across the migration
  • Scalability and Performance optimization: We can help you test your DW and BI solution to help you fix slow transformation, badly performing queries and slow reports rendering and give your power users a really powerful experience
  • BI Test Automation: Using our innovative image capturing, OCR and GUI intensive automation libraries, we have automated BI Regression testing for numerous enterprises even automating regression testing of hard to crack UI intensive Mobile reports

Why Us

  • Matured BI and DW Testing methodology enables IT teams to thoroughly test their ETL (extraction, transformation, load) process, business intelligence infrastructures, and applications that rely on data warehouses.
  • Fast testing turnaround using Pre Build Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse testing framework including utilities like Data Differential framework and File differential framework that allows you to compare different data sources across excels, CSV, database schema and others
  • Propriety automation platform consisting of BI test automation libraries to automate testing of Reports and data across devices and platforms using visual analysis techniques
  • We  have our offices in Noida (India), Gurgaon (India), Bangalore (India), USA and Australia

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