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SOA Test Lab
SOA Test Lab

We understand that building a great product require a great vision and strong engineering. However what makes a product really great is how end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has transformed the way IT systems are build over last 5 years. Increased business agility, improved business workflows, extensible architecture and enhanced reuse has made SOA architecture very popular among architects and business analysts alike

CresTech’s SOA Testing services help companies minimize risks, optimize costs, and increase agility of their SOA implementations. Leveraging our propriety Progressive SOA Testing Automation (PSTA) framework and ISV, our platform for web services validation, we combine a progressive defect identification approach to functional validation across multiple layers of the systems architecture with a comprehensive non-functional testing approach. Our SOA Testing services include

  • SOA Test Governance: We help you define and implement SOA Test governance policies and systems that lay a strong foundation to your SOA transformation programs.
  • SOA Test Automation: Our progressive SOA Test Automation framework allows you to build effective Test automation across message orchestration, service orchestration and Process orchestration layers thus enabling fast testing turnaround
  • SOA Non functional Testing: We help you test your Web services Security, Performance and Compliance right from component level to process level using best of breed industry tools and solutions like SOASTA, NeoLoad and SOAPUI
  • ESB/Middleware Integration testing: We can help you test your SOA legacy transformation program by building right service mocking infrastructure and devising appropriate testing strategy for integration of your ESB or your custom SOA middleware in your existing infrastructure.
  • SOA Test Virtualization: Don’t let problem of non availability of dependant components, environments and application block your testing. We can help you implement effective service mocking and test virtualization solution using tools like ITKO LISA, Greenhat and Parasoft SOATest

Why Us

  • Pre Build SOA Test Framework: Our pre build cloud enabled SOA test framework allows us to create automated tests in synch with business processes and execute them using any of the industry standard tools (SOAPUI, IBM SOA Manager, HP SOA service Test, ITKO LISA)
  • Progressive SOA Test automation: Our progressive SOA test automation methodology allows us to create Day-zero automated tests thus uncovering critical integration defect early
  • SOA Test Lab: Or cloud enabled SOA test lab is a combination of server infrastructure, Ready to deploy test assets and shared Tools environment with a combination of open source and best in class commercial testing solutions. We can host your SOA Test environment and provide a turnkey SOA testing solution
  • Experienced SOA Test consultants: Our team of experienced Test architects and SOA architects can help you device appropriate testing strategy for your transformation programs

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