Smart Automation Accelerators /Enablers

Smart Automation Accelerators /Enablers
Smart Automation Accelerators /Enablers

Our suite of Smart automation accelerators that include Pre Build automation frameworks and domain based Test accelerators have enabled enterprises to give a kick start to their automation services and get the earliest possible ROI. Backed by our R&D team and path braking innovation, our smart test automation accelerators services have been able to cut down the automation cost for customers by up to 30%-40%.


OpKey is our patented –5th generation — tool agnostic — Business process driven automation framework for building automated tests for almost any web, desktop and mobile app.

OpKey is the first automation framework to implement Business process testing (BPT) approach. BPT service allows business analysts and functional testers to participate equally in automation thus ensuring all round participation.

OpKey is also first cloud compatible automation framework that allows you to create your test locally and then run the tests on cloud machines in a distributed manner thus reducing the test automation time significantly.

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Selkey is an excel based keyword driven automation framework build on top of Selenium – the most popular open source tool. It presents an easy to use excel sheet interface for users to prepare their test scripts and allows even no technical users to participate in automation

Some of the features include Easy to understand Excel based Keyword driven interface to author test scripts, Separate object management module, Integrated Data management module, Flexibility to create test suites.Although Selkey can be implemented out of box and it would suffice most of the needs of an organization, it can be customized easily to meet any specific requirements of an enterprise needs.

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Our EKDA framework is an excel based key word driven framework for commercial tools like HP QTP and IBM RFT. EKDA bridges the gap between automation and non-automation team members. Automation experts create the keywords which can be used as steps in the excel sheet to create automated business flows. We have our own set of keyword repositories which we provide as part of framework implementation. If required new keyword creation is one time process and same can be reused across applications across projects.

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SOA Progressive Automation Framework

CresTech’s progressive test automation framework for SOA based implementations allows automation teams to implement Day-Zero automation for SOAP and REST based web services. Build on top of integrated services validator (our propriety web service automation tool), our progressive automation framework has build in mocking framework and supports service virtualization layers by default

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Insurance\CRM\Travel domain Test Accelerators

CresTech having right combination of domain knowledge and Automation technology expertise has developed an Insurance CRM and Travel Domain Test Accelerator, which is a pre-built, automated testing service system that allows you to significantly reduce the effort of functional regression testing. This includes testing for new implementations, patches, major upgrades, as well as technology stack upgrades or modifications.

Test Accelerators Services include business flows designed by subject matter experts in respective domains. Build on top of OpKey, it follows BPT approach and easily integrates with HP QTP and IBM RFT. We have used keyword oriented Business component approach to build this accelerator. Op-key implementation of the accelerator saves huge capital investment on licensing of commercial tools.

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