Test Optimization Solutions

Test Optimization Solutions
Test Optimization Solutions

We understand that building a great product require a great vision and strong engineering. However what makes a product really great is how end user perceives it and how clear is its quality value proposition

Testing is now increasingly being seen as a mean to achieve business continuity and end user satisfaction rather than a mere cost center. However with exploding technology landscape and more than ever pressure on businesses to evolve, conventional software and application testing setups are struggling to keep pace and CIOs are looking at ways to optimize and transform their testing teams to align with their strategic visions.

CresTech’s Test optimization and transformation services solve precisely these needs of enterprises. We understand this problem like no one else. Providing software testing services to organizations of all size – from startup to Fortune 500- we have been a part of their organizational transformation at different stages. And hence our transformation and optimization services, though following a broad framework, are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Test Transformation Services include the following

  • Test CoE Transformation: Studies by leading consulting firms have shown that Test center of excellence (CoE) can help organization save upto 30% of their testing cost while reducing the Business and Technology failure risks by upto 40%. We can help you transform your existing testing setup to a Test CoE and align your testing CoE to your business objectives. Utilizing our well established governance frameworks, pre build templates and proven skill management methodologies, we have helped ISV and enterprises in India, USA and globally gain significant business value by moving to a Test CoE model
  • Test PBE (Process-Budget-Effort) optimization: if you are struggling to contain the ever increasing cost of testing your product without compromising on quality, our test Process, Budget and Effort (PBE) optimization services is just the right solution for you. We critically asses your existing testing framework and implement an optimization program with a mix of Test automation, process tweaks and enhanced collaboration. We ensure that optimization happens without disrupting the business continuity and with buy in of all stake holders

Why CresTech for Your Test Optimization

  • Been there seen all as testing company – We have been part of Small and Large test Transformation programs in various capacities and understand the best practices to take and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Pre defined process framework: Our transformation and optimizations framework consist of pre defined processes, test assets, skill up-gradation programs and collaboration tools that are essential ingredients of any transformation. These pre build assets can easily be customized to meet your needs.
  • Test Accelerators to optimize your testing : Our test accelerators often catalyze the optimization effort of teams helping them achieve faster optimization in less time.
  • Company with Global Presence in India (Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon) and USA (California) with 300+ testing consultants.

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