Startups implementing QA Testing for Business Success

Start-up ventures are completely raw and have to be ready to face the roller coaster ride because of the strong competition and failing to compete with the established companies. The main aim of the start-up that deals with the product is to offer a quality result that can complete customer’s need and also pushes the company’s goal ahead. However, due to lack of resources and financial ability, the quality of the product lacks. This certainly leads to negative reviews from customers. This is where Quality Assurance comes to the role. The startup can either hire a QA team or outsource the process. The QA Testing outsourcing service backed with top resources and tools help start-ups to gain confidence among customers and offer the high quality product at the end. This is not a bad beginning though because as the product gains success and reaches, maintaining the quality of the products is the top priority.

When it comes to the quality of the product, there are three things to consider:

  • Quality is better than quantity
  • Stands to be an important part of the business
  • People pay high price if the quality is good

Before we learn why QA testing is important for startups, let us learn what QA testing is and why it is important?

QA testing is the process of maintaining the quality of the product at every stage. This is to ensure that the product doesn’t have any negative features. The prime example is the mobile application that goes through a number of QA testing process to ensure the app is free from bug and other issues. More importantly, it works perfectly in different devices. QA isn’t just about testing in the final stages but is the continuous process even after its release.

A startup cannot take a risk of releasing the product without getting the quality assurance tested for the product. There are a number of reasons why QA stands vital for start-ups:

  • Confidence and Security:

For a start-up, creating confidence and a sense of security among customers for using their product is vital. Every minute spent on the testing of the product gives a sense of confidence that the final output would be great and accepted by users. The confidence is also about the product produced by the company will match the need of the end user. Identifying loopholes and correcting them is the most important thing involved in QA Testing process. Once the loopholes are rectified, the sense of confidence and security rises. Customers when using the service or product looks if it is fully secured against the malware and other threats. To create a confident product the start-up needs to use the agile method of QA testing process.

If your startup deals with software, then its testing is vital for the development process. Right from the development stage, the process begins to create perfect software which is safe and stable.

  • Manual QA dominates early stages of Product Development:

A startup needs to work hard on building a product which in-return creates a positive picture of the company. The manual QA testing done by professional team members gives the best result. The product development process involves multiple things and manual QA procedure.

When should Start-ups hire QA Testing Service?

As mentioned above, startups face financial possibilities until funded, which restrict to hire professional QA team. So the best way is to outsource the product QA Testing to a professional company. The testing is generally done by the developers in the developing stage. As the product matures, the startup has to lay QA policy if hiring an in-house team. This is to deliver stable and secure product to the end customer.

Let us check at what stage does the QA Testing is required:

  • Ideation Stage: Not needed
  • Beta Stage: Yes, this is the stage when QA testing is done and is important. Because during this stage the developers can know what are the lacks in the product. Companies usually release their product to a restricted audience to get reviews.
  • Pre-Launch Stage: The QA team needs to keep doing the testing before the final launch to ensure that the product maintains its quality.

As a result, the QA process ensures that the product is finely crafted and has all the features a product should carry. The QA testing professional should be familiar with the development process and should evaluate it accordingly. The start-up company after raising fund if planning to hire QA testing team, then it should make sure the team has all the knowledge of tools to use.


Every company needs a QA testing team, and startups aren’t alien to it. Whether hiring a team or outsourcing the process, the ultimate aim of the company is to release top class products that complete the need of users without any issues.

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