System Testing is designed to test the end-to-end functionality of an application. System Testing may test multiple applications from in-house or external sources that are required to work together in a cohesive, defect-free manner

CresTech’s System testing services are designed to verify and validate if the software application or product under test conforms to all functional specifications. Our System testing services are specifically tailored and designed to suit our customers’ needs and can be used at any stage of the software development life cycle.

Our team of qualified test engineers focuses on validating the feature of an entire function or a component of your application. Test plans are prepared to describe areas and the ways of testing. We take steps to attain maximum test coverage right from the test-planning phase.

CresTech identifies critical paths and function points within a system. Test cases are designed to exercise various application features such as transaction flow and system pathways.Our service is designed to validate business rules and ensure that systems meet their functional specifications.

System Testing can be best divided into Functional and Non-Functional Testing. Functional testing ensures that the system works correctly against documented specifications and also tests the end-to-end process functionality. We use dynamic testing techniques to ensure your system is thoroughly tested and a rigorous defect management procedure to ensure any issues are resolved.

Non functional testing is checking the quality and accuracy of everything related to the use of the system and can include some or all of the following areas: load, performance and stress testing, security testing, configuration and installation testing, back-up and recovery testing, documentation testing, reliability and usability testing.

CresTech as a Test consulting organization specializes in providing services for both functional and non-functional testing

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