Enterprises may have different types of SAP projects – implementation, support, roll out and upgradation, requiring diverse roles of consultants. However, testing is an integral part of all.

Choice of the right testing methodologies, techniques and technologies helps in controlling the project trade-off. The process would generally involve unit, integration, regression and acceptance testing that enables the development of a system that provides more value, is faster and carries less risk. Development and testing process running parallel means less repetition.

Questions that testing consultants need to resolve include How to enforce disciplined testing; Use unit, functional, integration or acceptance testing, or all in advance; How to ensure that the build complies with the tests; Do manual or automatic testing; How to track bugs; How to make tests relevant; How to integrate testing with issue tracking; and How to determine the cause of test failure.

Possible approaches to testing are test coverage, test automation, test driven development, behavior driven development, test/spec convergence, exploratory testing and continuous integration.

Unit testing is performed to ensure that the development objects are performing as per the requirement and design specs.

Objective of functional integration testing is to verify proper execution of the entire application factoring in the interfaces to external applications. Integrated components of the configured transactions and the development objects must function according to the requirements. Various business scenarios are tested prior to the user acceptance testing.

Regression testing is done each time any new patch of code is written, or any fix has been applied in one of the system components. This is to determine that the changes executed do not tamper with any of existing functionalities. Regression testing needs to be particularly done on the time of new releases.

User acceptance testing is conducted by business end users to validate that the system meets requirements relevant to the functional areas. The system must be acceptable from the users’ perspective.

Few testing companies in India can deliver on the testing requirements for SAP projects. This makes it imperative for enterprises to be very selective when choosing a consultant.

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