The Future of Software Testing

There are too many blogs and articles available on the internet about the evolution of software testing. After studying the software testing domain and its evolution, I have come to the conclusion that software testing trends are changing every year because of the complex and technological requirements of stakeholders to provide the unique and effective software product for its business use and for gaining the attention of their clients too. A quality engineer is someone who applies engineering to different parts of the software development process for the benefits of quality.

Software testers are thinking and make observation and judgment about the future of their profession as a Quality Assurance. Take a look at this article you will come to know how today testing realities will draw the future and possibilities of the testing field for future in term of roles and dynamic, tools and devices, and when it comes to new skill and technologies. This article contains a short summary about the future of software testing in 2018 and how it evolved from past.

In Term of Skills And Technologies

The Future of Software Testing:Research shows that in the coming future there will be a greater demand for quality assurance engineer or tester to learn the basics of programming language for making the testing process more efficient and easier to accomplish, this doesn’t mean that for testing a single login features the tester should write 70 lines of code. The tester just knows the basics and writes test cases with coding structure in mind. I also notice that the future tester will learn languages like Selenium, Perl, and Python because of its available documentation online with the help of which one can easily write scripting of routing task more easy and simple.

As change is the fact of life and everything is going to be changed, same is the case with software testing technology, the future of software testing shows that the manual testing will be completely replaced by automation tools. An automation tool makes the testing process very easier for a tester. For using the testing tools tester must know how to use the tools for achieving the same goals from the software product as set in the requirement specification phase (A document prepare after meeting between stakeholder and software team).

In Term Of Roles And Dynamics

I predict that in future tester and developer work very close to each other and even they set in front of each other. Some of the testers are continuously engaged with the development team at the time when they are coding some specific scripts and function for a software product. In this way, the continuous development of software is achieved. Tester understands the code and suggests improvements at coding level to the coder or developer. In this way, tester and coder will be able to make a plan of action based on a code and technical dept report. The test code by the tester should be treated as part of the system code, using the same tools as developer and the same version management methodology. In future, the tester will run functional, automated, performance and security tests even if they are highly skilled in some more than others.

In term Of Tools And Devices

  • Usage of Open Source Tool: In future companies prefer to use open source tools like DevOps, Agile, Automation and defect management for the execution of testing and generate test cases. Open source automation test tools are easy to use by following the steps given in the documentation readily available on the net.
  • The blend of Agile and DevOps: One of the overwhelming and dominating technologies in the future of software testing is the Agile and DevOps in the upcoming year. In an agile approach, if DevOps is applying the delivery time will be short and the responsibilities will be assigned to the appropriate person with decision-making process as all the functionality will be done by tools and test just manage the tools as continuous integration and continuous delivery are the primary component of DevOps.
  • Focus on Digital Testing Will Be Increased: In future, each and everything is going to be digital and the digital transformation creates a big challenge for a software company to train the tester in a digital way in order to reduce the delivery time with an increased focus on testing the software applications and products. All these are achieved by applying the functional testing in an automation environment.


Technological advancement makes a challenge for all the QA engineer and tester to improve their quality and learning skills in order to meet the needs of the latest world. Keep going with the technology is not a challenge only for the tester but also for the whole software development team. Last but not the least, what makes an exceptional tester is the ability to understand the global business-oriented vision.


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