Before it was all started, the CresTech has already proven itself in the field of testing. From setting up 2 delivery centers in India and 1 in US to providing services to the tier 1 clients, from getting 5 patents on its name to increasing its span in automation and mobile technology we have seen it all but still something was missing. We are getting the success everytime but its taste was still bland. Then we realized that instead of getting this success by chance we should get this success by our design and to make it so efficient that it will take Software Testing to new heights, and then we decided to infuse a process in our design to make it more stable, efficient and strong and thus came the idea to go for CMMI for Services.

This journey was not less than a roller coaster ride and it all started with setting up of processes. CresTech provides services for Manual (Functional), Automation & Performance (Security) testing.

This was the icing on the cake as setting up processes for one service line was not enough and now we have to deal with 3 of them which are of a completely different nature. If we are talking about writing Test Cases in Manual testing, then we have to talk about for designing Scripts in Automation testing and Bottleneck Identification in Performance testing. Which means we have to design a set of standard processes at an organization level which will govern all over testing projects irrespective of their service line. For this, 2 teams of experts was established, the SQA & the SEPG team with a sole motive of creating the processes, building a Quality Management System (QMS) from these processes and then implementing this QMS across all the existing and new projects in CresTech.
The journey was tough, but it was a success. From setting up of 24 different processes in compliance with CMMI Level 3 Version 1.3 to setting up of QMS which consists of 500+ artifacts, we have done it all.

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