These are the new mobile app testing tool available for testers

It is known fact that smartphones are one of the most used and popular technologies nowadays. And for developers and testers of mobile apps, it is harder to test the app in real-time environment. App store will remove the app which is not properly tested with having bad user experience as they are filled with bugs and errors. In order to overcome this problem different mobile application testing tools & platforms for testers come in the market which saves too much of developer and tester work.

It is easy to test your mobile app in ideal conditions. But really doesn’t always give us a full battery and strong Wi-Fi, if you want your app to survive in the real world where 75% of mobile users delete an app if it freezes or crashes, you need to use some of the easy mobile application testing tools. Here is this article you will find some of the awesome mobile application testing tools & platforms for testers.

TestFlight for IOS Apps Tester

Initially, testFlight were used for testing IOS and Andriod apps, but after purchasing this tool by Apple and they remove the android testing support from the tool and now it is completely used for IOS apps testing.  You will be surprised when come to know that this tool can be used without any charges. By using testFlight beta testing is achieved before releasing the app on the market. TestFlight tool sends invitation to the selected users to test the app. This tool allows you to send an invitation to 1000 users by using their email addresses. In the invitation, a link is sent to download the app for testing purposes.


One of the easy and most popular testing tools for application tester is the “Appium”. Developers and tester use this app too much because of its ease use and implementation. This open source tool is used for any type of applications whether it IOS or Android. This tool support Safari on IOS and chrome on Android app. This makes the Appium an ideal one and tester can test the app from any platform (mobile, laptop, computer, MAC etc.) by using the browser compatibility.


SeeTest is one of the popular testing platforms for tester and it is purchased by the Experitest. It is used for testing both web and mobile application platforms and its make the testing process very simple and easy. Most of the testers prefer to use this platform. It is used for analyzing the performance, UI, and functional testing of mobile applications and their work under different conditions. It can be integrated with the test plan and allows creating a functional plan.


TestFairy is one of the free and open-source tool/platform for mobile application tester and it also offers packages for the huge team. It is rich in many useful features which makes it the favourite one. One of the pretending features is the video recording from the client side. All the information related to client-side testing such as the crash report, user logs, network monitoring, GPS, Memory etc are recorded.





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