Three Types of Requirements for Testing

You will be surprised when come to know that the total amount and cost for fixing any type of bug and error in the software after its completion and implementation is too high and company can’t afford such cost and thus the software product is failed to use in the user practical environment. It is important to note all the error and bugs in the prior stage of software development life cycle and the companies needs an expert team of the tester which knows well how to test the software product in three different conditions with respect to its requirements such as explicit requirements, implicit requirements, and latent requirements.

Here you will find the useful information which is enough to understand the three types of requirements for testing any type of software application whether it is a desktop app, web app or mobile app.

Explicit Requirements: The Things You Wrote Down In Requirement Analysis/Testing of Explicit Requirements

The first and the appealing requirement of software testing is the explicit requirement. The explicit requirements are simple in nature and are easy to test and deploy. The document that is obtained by mutual communication between stakeholders and development team is the explicit requirements of the testing phase of software development lifecycle. For testing the explicit requirement keep in mind these points:

  • For testing the explicit requirements the tester check that resulting application is according to the explicit requirements, if yes, the application is ok other a bug report is sent to the developer.
  • For testing the explicit requirements a test case is written with what is required and what is achieved, If both conditions are same the test case is passed otherwise test case is written properly for un-matching things and are proceeding according till of achieving the same thing.
  • For proper testing of the explicit requirement the tester discuss the things as an end user and note all the points where he/she thinks of something not match with what they are looking. They check the things in the document which is obtained in the user explicit requirements or in the marketing materials.
  • Tester considers the explicit requirement as a piece of a puzzle. The tester when perform testing and compare the document with the product developed they are performing testing the explicit requirement.

Implicit Requirements: The Things Your Customers will expect from the software Product/ Testing of Implicit Requirements

The second requirement of testing the software application is the implicit requirement. The implicit requirements are related to the expectation of customer from the resulting product that was not captured and noticed explicitly. Some of the examples of implicit requirements are the availability of the software in critical situations, the usability of the product in the normal and complex environment, security of the software system and performance features. Example of the test case is the user expects that the password field will not be in plain text but they don’t write such requirements explicitly. For testing the implicit requirements keep in mind these points:

  • Implicit requirements are considered one of the problematic steps either it is to discover a bug and reporting the bug in the testing of any type of software application.
  • To test the software implicitly there is a need of an expert person who knows well how to use the latest tool and other resources to test the software and the tester must be expert in the customer domain problems too.
  • For writing the test case for implicit requirements a unique format is followed in which each and every point is mention clearly and simple. It contains the explanation of why the system is failed to meet the need of the customer and the entire bug report that effects on a customer experience.

Latent Requirements: Things That Will Delight Your Customers

The last and the most interesting requirement for testing are the latent requirements. These are the information that end user doesn’t expect such things from the software, but it will happen and make them happy and delightful. For example when I transfer money to my bank account online as a result of successful transaction I received success message in the form of animated cartoon which I had not expected such funny thing from the bank software, other example is condition when we replay video game it asks for start from the previous state which surprised the user and they are delighted by that feature.

The website which completes you auto username when you navigate to the login page and some will not, it is also an example of latent requirements. For testing the latent requirements of any software application consider the point:

  • Testing the latent requirements is the trickiest testing amongst other two requirements i.e. explicit requirements and implicit requirements.

In simple the success of software product depends on the three main requirements of testing and none of the product is complete without proper testing.


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