Recent survey conducted by McKinsey shows widespread acceptance of web 2.0 in large as well as small enterprises. This rising popularity of Web2.0 technologies is throwing many new challenges for testing of such applications.

Some of the challenges

Early involvement of Testing team

  • Because of the collaborative nature of web2.0 development, clear definitions of requirements are a challenge. Testing team needs to get involved as early as possible and collaborate with development team and product management team very closely.

Frequent changes are part of life

  • A web2.0 application goes though frequent and continuous changes. This requires agility in testing processes along with use of automation and change management.

Test of various components/applications

  • Instead of being a standalone application, applications will consist of multiple standalone applications.QA will have to update their processes on how this applications will be tested and testing scenarios will need a rethink keeping this in mind.
  • End user scenarios are very difficult to map directly to a requirement. Moreover, no of scenarios because of user behavior will be huge and will follow a no linear path.

Testing of non-functional requirement

  • Performance scalability is one of major challenges of web2.0 applications. Moreover, traditional perf testing methodologies don’t work effectively.
  • Web 2.0 applications are more vulnerable to security holes and recent trends suggest that

CresTech has developed its own methodology to meet the testing challenges of web 2.0 applications.

Testing Services Platforms Our Methodology
Unit Testing frameworks

Functional Testing Services

SOA Testing services

UI, Usability and localization Testing

Functional Automation services

Load Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

Mobiles, Desktop Agile framework for Functional Testing

Progressive Bottleneck Identification technique for Performance Testing

Keyword driven framework for Agile automation

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