Some of news you can’t ignore

World story

  • 40 Million Credit Cards Compromised
  • 55 Million Customer Records Exposed, 130+ Security Breaches in 2005
  • $105 Billion in Cyber crime Proceeds in ’04, More than Illegal Drug Sales

There have been quite a few Govt and FSS security breaches in India recently.

  • Hacker breaks into 17 bank a/cs
  • Bank of India site hacked, served up 22 exploits
  • Maharashtra govt. website hacked
  • Goa govt’s info website hacked

All the above mentioned news has the root cause in common: Application Security Vulnerability. Above statement is further bolstered by the fact that as per Gartner survey “75% of all hacker attacks occur through web applications’ and 2/3 of all web applications are vulnerable”.

To counter this threat, CresTech CSAC offers a comprehensive security assessment solution – Web Application Penetration Testing – to identify, analyze and report vulnerabilities in a given application.

Employing best-of-breed tools along with our established methodologies, we at CresTech analyze application and architecture to find the security holes that can leave your application open to successful assaults. We follow OWASP standards to find out security issues related to your Application code and Application Infrastructure.

We provide the customer with a deployment Pass/Fail rating, detailed analysis of the application and recommendations with all the available options to remediate found vulnerabilities. The result of testing allows customer to make informed decision about company’s exposure to threats.

Apart from the comprehensive WAPT service we also provide following services in Application Security Domain

Health check Service

Target Audience

This service is for organizations, which are looking to assess the need of application security in their environment.

Service Description

This service includes a quick high level assessment of client’s applications.

Your Result

This service provides client a high level assessment report of security gaps, possible security threats, recommendations and way ahead.

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top-10 Assessment Service

Target Audience

OWASP Top-10 Assessment Service is for businesses seeking to evaluate their application against a
well-known industry benchmark.

Service Description

OWASP Top-10 Assessment Service assesses the software against the Top-10 security vulnerabilities
identified by the OWASP.

Your Results

This service provides the client with a rating analysis on the software, effort required to make
the application compliant in case of failure and recommendations on various options to address
the problem(s) identified.

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