The volume and range of information being published on intranet, extranet and Internet websites continues to grow at a frenetic pace. In light of this, acknowledged content management problems and web publishing bottlenecks have been elevated from troublesome inefficiencies to mission-critical challenges. This is true for both commercial businesses and government organizations.

At a high level, web content management issues include:

  • Effectively controlling the creation and approval of content to be published
  • Publishing information to websites in a timely and efficient manner
  • Ensuring that published information is always up to date and accurate
  • Leveraging content in source documents.

These issues have led organizations worldwide to adopt automated web publishing software that addresses these challenges in an integrated and cost-effective manner. This software automatically translates documents created in a variety of formats—including standard office applications, graphics software or technical software such as AutoCAD—into well-formed HTML-formatted web pages, based on predefined templates.

Although automated web publishing has made task of publishers easier, tackling testing and verification challenges in automated content publishing is fast becoming a pain for most organizations. Verification and testing team are trying hard to trying to keep pace with ultra dynamic and ever changing content publishing landscape

We at Crestech understand the challenges of dynamic content management like no one else. Through our years of experience in testing content driven web portals, CresTech is providing testing services to some of leading On-Line content publishers and Media houses in India including HT Media and Firefly E-Ventures. Our range of services for Web publishing include

  • Content Verification Services
  • HTML\Mobile standard compliance verification services
  • Cross Platform, Cross Browser Verification Services
  • Functional , Performance, Security testing services

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