Why is it important to implement Devops


Why is it important to implement Devops

The proportion of IT budgets allocated to QA and testing has grown from 18% in 2012 to 26% in 2014 and the share of the testing budget is projected to continue to increase further in the coming years and it is expected to be 35% by 2018. Today I have given a chance to write about why should anyone join the DevOps movement, before going into the detail discussion I want you to know about the DevOps.

“DevOps is a software engineering approach and culture which is the combination of two words Dev and Ops and it is unifying the application development phase with the application operational phase. In simple words, DevOps is the collaboration between development and operations team to achieve a common business goal.”

DevOps is one of the trending faces in the IT world which is suitable for all type of application development and designing and it has greatly affect the traditional approaches through which applications are design, develop and deploy. You will be surprised when come to know that DevOps is the combination of all the tools and practices of new and trending challenges of IT and it is totally replaced by traditional approaches.

Continue reading and see why should anyone join the DevOps movement:

Deliver Application at Speed you have ever Imagine

  • Create a software innovation pipeline to deliver 10 times faster
  • Effective DevOps team deliver software every 1 to 3 weeks
  • Develop small, frequent releases
  • Test early, test often, test automatically
  • Automate the integration and release process as traditional approaches to software development and delivery are no longer sufficient. Manual processes are error-prone, break down, and create waste and delayed response.

Respond to Speed

  • Shorten feedback loops to respond 10 times sooner
  • Experiment faster with minimum viable products
  • Continuously capture customer feedback
  • Identify actionable insights, by 2016, 60% of CIO’s will use DevOps as their primary tool to address the speed and sprawl of mobile, cloud, and open-source applications.

Transform for Speed

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and learning
  • From cross-functional, dedicates teams, stop multitasking
  • Ensure trust with project transparency
  • Experiment with minimum viable product
  • Nationwide mutual insurance Co. embraces DevOps, improves software quality by 50%
  • DevOps can reduce time to customer feedback, increase quality, reduce risk and cost, and unify process, culture and tools across the end-to-end lifecycle.

Get to Start with DevOps in an Ease

  • Automate: The single biggest driver of high performance, automation increases the overall speed and quality of code.
  • Learn the tools: Sharing a common tool-chain can foster communication between teams.
  • Develop and Use Metrics: Metrics are critical for telling the story of your success. Collect as many as you can.

Get benefits from the information given in the article above and hope you will come to know why should anyone join the DevOps movement. Organizations that have been practicing DevOps for over a year are seeing higher deployment rates, faster change lead times, lower change failure rates, and less time to recover from failures.